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ggest market in the world. So, we absolutely need to be present and to grow our presence in the market," Jacque▓s Aschenbroich, chairman and CEO of Valeo, told Xinhua Tuesday.Pointing out the "upmost importance" of the Chinese market in electric cars, Aschenbroich said that currently about 15 percent o▓f the company's global turnover in electric cars comes from China."There are some▓ new players that bring a new concept of mobility into the market and Meituan is one of those new players," Aschenbroich said, adding that they▓ are "convinced" that the two can "take a leadin

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g position" ▓in the market.Valeo is going to deliver droids using 48V mild hybrid ▓technology to Meituan, the company said in a tweet earlier.Meanwhile, Meituan also signed strategic coop▓eration agreements with

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